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Submission Guidelines

Types of Research

Inventio accepts submissions of original research in theology, philosophy, the humanities, and the social sciences conducted and written by undergraduate students at The Catholic University of America. Authors should be current students or within two years of their graduation.

The papers should be written for a general, well-educated audience and may use technical language. The writing should show an attempt by the undergraduate researcher to tackle an intellectually challenging subject. The work should parallel academic rigor accepted in the professional research community.


  • Due to the nature of our review process, we are currently unable to accept essays written for courses taken as part of study abroad programs.
  • Essays written for First Year Experience courses undergo a separate review process in the Spring semester and are selected by the Director of the FYE.


  • Manuscripts msut be in the form of an editable text file (.doc, .docx, or .rtf).
  • Manuscripts should not contain the author's name (the name and title will be identified on the Cover Letter form).
  • Manuscripts should include: original course the paper was written for, supervising instructor's name and email, title, abstract (of no more than 200 words), and endnotes.
  • Papers should not exceed 7500 words (not including notes).
  • Longer projects such as junior or senior theses are welcome as abridged versions.
  • Manuscripts must be formatted using the guidelines set out in the Chicago Manual of Style and the Inventio stylesheet. (All citations should be formatted as endnotes.)
  • Authors are responsible for securing permission to reproduce images in their work (if you are uncertain how to go about doing this, please consult your supervising faculty member or advisor) or selecting images that are in the public domain.

How to Submit Work

Please send the following documents via email to Dr. Taryn Okuma (

  • Email subject line: "(Last name of author)- Inventio Submission"
  • Completed Cover Letter Form
  • Editable, anonymous text file of the manuscript
  • Authors may submit more than one essay for consideration, though it is unlikely that a single issue will contain more than one work by a single author.
  • Authors are also invited to resubmit work that was considered for previous issues and has been revised.


All non-FYE submissions for the Spring 2019 volume are due by Wednesday, August 1st, 2018. 

FYE submissions for the Spring 2019 volume are due by Monday, December 31st, 2018. (Note: FYE submissions do not require an abstract, but do require the text of the essay prompt/assignment.)

Contact Information

Please send questions/concerns to the Student Editorial Board or the Faculty Editors via Dr. Taryn Okuma (

If you are unfamiliar with the Chicago Manual of Style or would like some assistance in formatting your manuscript, The Writing Center is available to help:


2018 Student Editorial Board

  • Editor-in-Chief:  Danielle Schirripa
  • Managing Editor: Claire Coleman
  • Assistant Managing Editor: Nicole Pope
  • Associate Editor: Jeanne Marie Hathway
  • Head Layout Editor: Andrej Witkowski
  • Web Content Editor: Carly Baluarte
  • Assistant Web Content Editor: Andrew Morgan
  • Head Copyeditor: Isabel Vander Bleek
  • Copyeditor: Elena Perkins
  • Copyeditor: Peter Varga
  • Copyeditor: Rachel de Rosset
  • Copyeditor: Mary Margaret
  • Copyeditor: Isabelle Rosini
  • Journal Photographer

Faculty Editors

  • Dr. Taryn Okuma, English
  • Dr. Jennifer Paxton, History
  • Dr. Caroline Sherman, History