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Inventio Volume 3, Issue 1, 2017-2018

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Contents by Author

Theresa Abela

The Value of Political Neutrality: Analyzing the Role of the Papacy in World War II

Ethan Rudman

International Insult: An Examination of a Newspaper Libel Case in the Context of 18th Century Anglo-Russian Relations and English Libel Law

Jennifer Delasco

Pushing the Border Outward: An Analysis of the Evolving Eu-U.S. PNR Agreement

Angelica Sisson

The Tragic Aspects of Antigone in Sophocles and Sophoclean Interpretations

Veronica McGraw

Troilus: Our (Pre-Christianity) Christian Hero

Genevieve Wietecha

The Fullfillment Illusion: Does Democracy Generate Depression?

Kathleen Doman

On Aristotle and Rousseau

Joel Desmarais

The Tragedy that Befell Rome


2018 Student Editorial Board

  • Editor-in-Chief:  Danielle Schirripa
  • Managing Editor: Claire Coleman
  • Assistant Managing Editor: Nicole Pope
  • Associate Editor: Jeanne Marie Hathway
  • Head Layout Editor: Andrej Witkowski
  • Web Content Editor: Carly Baluarte
  • Assistant Web Content Editor: Andrew Morgan
  • Head Copyeditor: Isabel Vander Bleek
  • Copyeditor: Elena Perkins
  • Copyeditor: Peter Varga
  • Copyeditor: Rachel de Rosset
  • Copyeditor: Mary Margaret
  • Copyeditor: Isabelle Rosini
  • Journal Photographer

Faculty Editors

  • Dr. Taryn Okuma, English
  • Dr. Jennifer Paxton, History
  • Dr. Caroline Sherman, History