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Past Editions:

Inventio Volume 1, Issue 1, 2015-2016

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Past Editorial Boards:

SEB 2016-2017

Editor-in-Chief: Rebecca McCarron

Managing Editor & Head Copy Editor: Angelica Sisson

Assistant Managing Editor: Danielle Schirripa

Associate Editor: Claire Coleman

Head Layout Editor: Selina Donahue

Website Content Editor: Carly Baluarte

Copyeditor: Isabel Vander Bleek

Assistant Copy Editor: Alexander Santana


SEB 2015-2016

Editor-in-Chief: Mallory Nygard

Managing Editor: Lucas Matheson

Head Layout Editor: Ann Lipscombe

Website Content Editor: Samantha Aurilia

Copyeditors: Antoinette Cea, Rebecca McCarron, Angelica Sisson

Website Assistants: Rebecca McCarron, Angelica Sisson