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About Us

2016-2017 Student Editorial Board

Editor-in-Chief:  Rebecca McCarron

Managing Editor & Head Copyeditor: Angelica Sisson

Assistant Managing Editor: Danielle Schirripa

Associate Editor: Claire Colemen

Head Layout Editor: Selina Donahue

Web Content Editor: Carly Baluarte

Copy Editor: Isabel Vander Bleek

Journal Photographer: Alex Huntley

Faculty Editors

Dr. Taryn Okuma, English
Dr. Jennifer Paxton, History
Dr. Caroline Sherman, History

Faculty Advisory Board

Dr. Sophia Aguirre, Economics
Dr. Gregory Baker, English
Dr. Anton Barba-Kay, Philosphy
Dr. Joshua Benson, Theology and Religious Studies
Dr. Agnes Cave, Education
Dr. Thomas Cohen, History
Dr. Dennis Coyle, Politics
Dr. Martha Cruz-Zuniga, Economics
Dr. Daniel Gibbons, English
Dr. Michael Gorman, Philosophy
Dr. Tobias Gregory, English
Dr. Nora Heimann, Art
Dr. Dorle Hellmuth, Politics
Dr. Katherine Jansen, History
Dr. Arpad von Klimo, History
Fr. Nicholas Lombardo, Theology and Religious Studies
Dr. Maryann Cusimano Love, Politics
Dr. Michael Mack, English
Dr. Laura Mayhall, History
Dr. Angela McRae, Education
Dr. Timothy Noone, Philsophy
Dr. James O'Leary, Politics
Dr. Jennifer Paxton, History
Dr. Laurence Poos, History
Dr. Florencio Riguera, Sociology
Dr. Kevin Rulo, English
Dr. Alexander Russo, Media and Communication Studies
Dr. Jason Sharples, History
Dr. Josh Shepperd, Media and Communication Studies
Dr. Steven West, History
Dr. Ernest Zampelli, Economics

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