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Student Editorial Board Positions 

The SEB is made up of the following positions:
  • Editor-in-Chief
    • Provides overall leadership for the journal, particularly the copyediting staff
    • Works closely with the Faculty editors to oversee the journal’s operations
  • Associate Editor
    • Assists the Editor-in-Chief with providing overall leadership for the journal, particularly the copyediting staff
    • Works closely with the Faculty editors to oversee the journal’s operations
  • Managing Editor
    • Directs the journal’s publicity process
    • Helps the Editor-in-Chief manage the Student Editorial Board
  • Assistant Managing Editor
    • Assists the Managing Editor in directing the journal’s publicity process
    • Helps the Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor manage the Student Editorial Board
  • Head Layout Editor
    • Manages the final edited manuscripts
    • Helps the Editor-in-Chief manage the layout assistants
    • Oversees the formatting of the journal using InDesign
  • Web Content Editor
    • Oversees the web-only content and layout for the journal
  • Head Copyeditor
    • Oversees the copyediting team
  • Copyeditors (more than one position available)
    • Review and edit all accepted manuscripts
  • Citation Editor
    • Ensures all citations are complete and formatted according to journal standards
  • Website Assistant
    • Assists with the web-only content and layout
  • Journal Photographer (you must supply your own camera, enrollment in the course is not required) 

To see what positions are available, please consult the application materials (follow the link to the "Recommendation Form" below).

If you are interested in more than one position, please indicate this interest on your application - the program is competitive, and we receive multiple applications for leadership positions.


Student Editorial Board Application Checklist

Please submit the following documents to apply for the SEB:
About the application documents:

Cover Letter

In your cover letter, directed to the Faculty Editors, please address the following:
  • Why you are interested in serving on Inventio’s SEB
  • Why you believe you are qualified for the positions for which you are applying
  • How you believe the experience of working on Inventio will serve your short term and long term academic and professional goals
  • Why you chose the particular writing sample that you are submitting as part of your application
  • Availability to enroll in UGS/HSLS 328: Undergraduate Research Journal Production, Sp 2018 (Fridays, 8:10-10:40am) Note: Journal Photographers are not required to enroll in the course, as the position is part-time, though applicants who wish to serve as photographers and in another capacity will need to be available to enroll in the course.
There is no page minimum or maximum for the cover letter. 


There is no expected format or page limit for the resume. If you are applying for the positions of Head Layout Editor and/or Photographer, you may also submit a portfolio, though it is not necessary.

Unofficial Transcript

Please print out and scan your transcript as you can access it in Cardinal Station.

Recommendation Form

Please give this form to an instructor/faculty member who knows you well and can speak to the strengths that make you a strong candidate for the SEB. Be sure to give your evaluator ample time to complete the recommendation form. Recommendations should be submitted separately by the evaluator either in a sealed envelope or as an email attachment.

Writing Sample

Please submit a sample of your academic writing. The sample should be between 5-10 pages long and may be an excerpt of a longer piece (you may include a brief note that adds context if necessary). Writing that incorporates research is ideal, but not at all necessary. Please feel free to revise/edit your work – we would like to see an example of what you believe to be your best writing.

Submitting your Application

In order to be considered for a position on the 2017-2018 Student Editorial Board, all of your application materials (with the exception of the recommendation form, which should be sent separately) must be submitted as a single PDF file to Dr. Taryn Okuma by 11am on Monday, October 2nd. Application materials should be sent via email to



2016-2017 Student Editorial Board

  • Editor-in-Chief: Rebecca McCarron
  • Managing Editor & Head Copyeditor: Angelica Sisson
  • Assistant Managing Editor: Danielle Schirripa
  • Associate Editor: Claire Colemen
  • Head Layout Editor: Selina Donahue
  • Web Content Editor: Carly Baluarte
  • Copyeditor: Isabel Vander Bleek
  • Journal Photographer: Alex Huntley

Faculty Editors

  • Dr. Taryn Okuma, English
  • Dr. Jennifer Paxton, History
  • Dr. Caroline Sherman, History