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Student Editorial Board 2017

The Student Editorial Board is comprised of Copyeditors, the Web Content Editor, the Layout Editor, the Managing Editor, and Editor-in-Chief. Board members are responsible for the review of submitted manuscripts and creating the journal each year. These students have gone through a rigorous application and interview process. Students who are interested in applying for next year’s Student Editorial Board can find more information here.


Rebecca McCarron is a senior History major and Spanish minor. Her current research interests include 19th century American social history especially The Civil War and the early women’s suffrage movement. In terms of past publishing experience, she has worked as an intern for The Eleanor Roosevelt Papers Project and for Phi Beta Kappa's academic newsletter The Key Reporter.

Layout Editor

Selina Donahue is a senior Studio Art Major with a Digital focus. Her interests lie in experimental animation, installation, sculpture, and interactive art. She has been commissioned by Imagination Stage in Washington D.C. and has painted for Art At Work. She was the official blogger for the the IES Abroad Vienna, European Society & Culture program in 2016.

Assistant Managing Editor

Danielle Schirripa is a sophomore Philosophy major with a minor in mathematics. Within philosophy, her primary interests include virtue ethics and Socratic dialogues. Danielle has previous editing experience, serving for the past year as the Editor-in-Chief for The Crosier: CUA’s Pro-Life Publication.  


Isabel Vander Bleek is a sophomore English major with deep appreciation for 20th century American literature, virtue ethics, and the mission of Inventio to publish well-founded undergraduate research. In addition to working with Inventio, she controls the communication and marketing for Cardinals for Life and serves as a program coordinator for the Program for Academic and Leadership Skills, an organization that provides character education for young girls.

Managing Editor & Head Copyeditor

Angelica Sisson studies Greek and Latin with a minor in Philosophy. Her thesis research focuses on the transformation of art to propaganda in reinterpretations of Greek tragedy. In addition to working on the Inventio editorial board, Angelica is also the Editor-in-Chief of CUA’s independent student newspaper The Tower.

Web Content Editor

Carly Baluarte is a sophomore junior Economics and Spanish for International Service double major with a Social Work minor. She is interested in Macroeconomics and Social Policy, specifically in Latin America. In terms of past experience, she currently takes part in undergraduate research with the school of Business and Economics and has produced her own blog,

Associate Editor

Claire Coleman is a junior double majoring in Media and Communication Studies and Politics with a minor in Music. Her primary research interests focus on the influence of new technologies, specifically social media and their subsequent impact on American political polarization. Claire previously worked as the Editor-in-Chief for CUA’s branch of The Odyssey Online.

 Alexander Santana

Alexander Santana is a freshman politics major. He is interested in American Government as well as history and is participating in the Department of Politics pre-law track. He is a member of the Student Government Association and the News Editor of CUA's independent student newspaper The Tower.


2017 Student Editorial Board

  • Editor-in-Chief:  Rebecca McCarron
  • Managing Editor & Head Copyeditor: Angelica Sisson
  • Assistant Managing Editor: Danielle Schirripa
  • Associate Editor: Claire Coleman
  • Head Layout Editor: Selina Donahue
  • Web Content Editor: Antoinette Cea
  • Copyeditor: Isabel Vander Bleek
  • Website Assistant: Carly Baluarte
  • Journal Photographer: Alex Huntley

Faculty Editors

  • Dr. Taryn Okuma, English
  • Dr. Jennifer Paxton, History
  • Dr. Caroline Sherman, History