The Catholic University of America


Theresa Abela

"The Value of Political Neutrality: Analyzing the Role of the Papacy in World War II"


I am a junior mathematics and philosophy double major with a minor in Actuarial Science. I hope to pursue a career as an actuary after graduation. Outside of class, I am also interested in political philosophy and conservatism and serve as the president of the ISI Counter Culture Society, a conservative discussion group.  These interests are what motivated me to write my paper.

Interview Questions: 

Question #1

What first motivated you to submit to Inventio, and having gone through the process as an author has your perspective on academic writing changed in any way, if so how? 

I submitted to Inventio because I wanted to experience the process of having a paper published. Before this, I thought that a paper was finished when I finished writing it. Now I see how much time and effort academic writing requires beyond actually writing the paper, especially the copy-editing and review process.


Question #2

If you could highlight just one piece of evidence from your essay (whether it be a passage, primary source, excerpt from a song, etc.) which would you choose and why? 

My favorite piece of evidence is Pope Pius XII’s encyclical Summi pontificatus. I really enjoyed reading all of the papal encyclicals that I used because they’re such direct sources. When analyzing such a controversial topic it was helpful to have statements from the people involved to compare with their actions.